Thursday, July 10, 2008

A new version of Christo's Running Fence for Madison's Wingra Park?

A New Christo Installation in Madison's Wingra Park?
Christo and Jeanne Claude in Madison? I wish. Months ago the city fenced off a section of Wingra Park behind an ugly plastic snowfence, ripped up the grass and started excavating. The project had something to do with protecting the lake from storm water runoff in the neighborhood, but work seems to have stopped for some reason. Right now, weeds are growing behind the fence, and it's kind of an eyesore -- except later in the day, when the afternoon sunlight streams through the fence. Then it looks as if Christo had come to Madison and constructed a successor to his famous California project, Running Fence -- an imagined work that glows in the sun and transforms Wingra Park the way the saffron-colored fabric of The Gates brightened New York's Central Park a few years ago. If only.

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Anonymous said...

The idea was to fill in the old ice skating depression with dredged storm sewer effluvium that has accumulated to the point of impeding the boat traffic at the Wingra boathouse. End result? Yet another soccer field! Nice idea, but so far we have a slimy, fetid slurry of mud and broken glass. It's a nice place to see killdeer though.