Monday, July 28, 2008

Photographing a juvenile Great Blue Heron along John Nolen Drive Sunday afternoon

Young Great Blue Heron Checking Out the Sights in the Big City
We were riding our bikes on the path along the John Nolen Drive causeway across Lake Monona when we came across this beauty. At first I thought it was a Sandhill Crane, but it seems to really be an immature Great Blue Heron.

Training WingsIf you're just learning to walk in the water with your long, spindly legs, wings are more than a means of transportation -- they're a way to regain your balance when you stumble. I saw the heron trip, start to fall and then, with one flap of its gigantic wings, regain its balance. Sort of like training wings.

Pondering the Meaning of FlowersAs I came closer, the heron was obscured by some landscaping along the side of the road. I lost track of it and wondered if it had flown off and I had missed it, but then I suddenly saw it through a break in the foliage. It seemed to be studying the greenery and pondering the meaning of flowers. Then I realized it was studying me through the break in the leaves. Wonder what it thought? Its direct, piercing look was unforgettable.

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TimmyD said...

I often bike past (what I'm pretty sure is) a blue heron hanging out by the Lake Wingra dam on the Wingra Bike Path. He seems to show up there pretty regularly, so it must be a good place for fish, especially early in the morning.