Thursday, July 24, 2008

Why does Madison's East Side have all the cool bridges?

Starkweather Creek Bike Path Bridge Over East Washington
I've fallen in love with another new Madison bridge -- the Starkweather Creek Bike Path Bridge over East Washington Avenue at Marquette Street. I had driven under it a couple times on the way to Milwaukee but hadn't really noticed it. Like a lot of bike and pedestrian overpasses, it doesn't readily show its best features to cars speeding underneath. But today I had an opportunity to get out of the car and walk across the bridge. It's a beauty.

Starkweather Creek Bike Path Bridge Over East WashingtonThe bridge is a bit more than a mile east of the East Washington Avenue Bridge over the Yahara River. It shares many of the Frank Lloyd Wright-influenced, Prairie Style design elements of the latter and was designed by the same firm, the Milwaukee office of HNTB Corporation. But the feel is different. The Yahara bridge carries a major traffic artery. The Starkweather Creek Bike Path only carries pedestrians and two-wheeled vehicles, so it's much lighter and airier. Next time you're in that part of town, check it out.


thechrisproject said...

Because Madison's East Side has all the cool... everything? ;)

Tom Bozzo said...

I was going to say because the east-siders need them to cross bike-unfriendly arterial streets, but then again I could make good use of bridges over University near Hilldale, near Odana & Whitney Way to hook up the Beltline path and the nearer-west bike routes, and while I'm dreaming a Monroe/Regent flyover for the SW path (better to see Nail's Tales).