Monday, August 04, 2008

Are these large scrap metal birds the most photographed sculptures in Madison?

The Most Photographed Sculpture in Madison?
"Dreamkeepers," these large birds sculpted out of scrap metal by area artist Tom Every, who calls himself Dr. Evermor, are irresistibly photogenic. If you're passing their location at 211 S. Paterson St. on the near east side, it's impossible not to stop and take pictures. And wherever you point your camera will work -- there are so many details, textures and good angles from which to view the metal birds. On a bike trip to Olbrich Gardens this weekend, I had to pull off the Capital City Bike Trail and take a few myself.

Several months ago Doug Moe wrote about Dr. Evermor in his Wisconsin State Journal column, which included these memorable lines -- a phone message left by the alarmed artist on a friend's answering machine:
"They're trying to steal the ... birds! Bring guns, money and whiskey -- whatever you've got and get over here now!"
Dr. Evermor's greatest masterpiece is the gigantic, sprawling 300-ton sculpture that dominates his sculpture park across from the old Badger Ordnance Works between Baraboo and Sauk City on Highway 12. He calls it the Forevertron, and you've never seen anything like it. I've taken photographs of the Forevertron, but they're tucked away with my unscanned analog photos. Someday I'll scan and post them, but until then, Tom Huesing has a really nice set on Flickr.

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There are some more great photographs in the Dr. Evermor Sculpture pool on Flickr, too. Here's a link: