Sunday, August 31, 2008

Biking to the Dane County Farmers' Market and a lakeside brunch on football Saturday

Monona Terrace Bike and Pedestrian Elevator
When the streets on the near west side of Madison turn red, I get the urge to flee. It's the perfect time to take the Southwest Bike Path downtown and catch the tail end of the Farmers' Market. Start just after game time and the crowds thin out once you get past Camp Randall. It's a great ride right down to Lake Monona. What about that big hill to the Capitol Square and the Farmers' Market? No problem -- just take the bike/pedestrian elevator at the Monona Terrace. I'd call it really cool, except it's actually stifling hot in the summer, because it's glass-walled and not air conditioned. But you get a great view of the lake, and think of the alternative.

Getting Away from the Saturday Football Crowds in StyleAfter filling your bags at the market, head back to the elevator. Back down at lake level, Sardine is just a few hundred feet to the east, right on the lake. There's no crowd because so many people are at the game -- and a bellini makes a great complement to their great Saturday brunch.

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