Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The expedition made a successful return from afar, but their exotic specimen died

The Expedition Was a Success, but the Specimen Died
Sort of a fable: After the expedition returned to much acclaim, the Giant Beast was sequestered in an old brick warehouse, behind a stout metal door. A thick glass window was installed for observation of the alien creature, and families came from from miles around. Parents told their children to treasure the moment and remember it always. For its part, the beast passed many hours pressed up against the glass, its great wings lifting slowly and listlessly from time to time. It seemed to be looking for something in the vast green landscape on the other side of the barrier, but apparently it was not to be found. After many months it perished, some said of a broken heart. The keepers said that was nonsense. They had provided every amenity the creature could possibly want. They reassured the public that the alien species was naturally short-lived.

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