Saturday, August 09, 2008

He don't know much about geography, or much of anything else, for that matter

I love this picture of John McCain in front of the map he doesn't know very well, with something vaguely labeled Axis of Evil back there behind him, with the all too appropriate Sam Cooke words.

Neither the image or the words are mine. Words have failed me lately, and I haven't written much about politics when it comes to this dispiriting campaign season, filled with the media's inanities and their usual uncritical McCain love, not to mention the Democrats' quadrennial determination to snatch defeat from the jaw's of victory by "moving to the center." The way I feel these days, we don't need more words, spelling out the obvious over and over. We need better images.

This is brilliant. It's part of a whole Sam Cooke-John McCain "Don't Know Much About" series illustrating phrases from the song. It was created by a Flickr contact of mine who uploads his pictures under the name Gamma Infinity.

Not much else I can say. Go take a look, and share with your friends. Let's get something viral going. Current Democratic campaign strategy isn't working all that well, judging from Obama's shrinking margins. Maybe what's needed is laughter instead.

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Sistereinstein said...

Normally I enjoy reading your posts when it is outside of the political spectrum.

I don't like obama or mccain, but both sides are saying that the media is in love with the other side. Wouldn't you agree that it's the voters who are being played by the media.

Anyhoo, that's all I had to say.