Sunday, August 24, 2008

Late summer Sunday afternoon in Madison: Shoeless bikers and swimmerless beach

Remove Shoes and Leave Here Before Entering Obstacle Course
Believe it or not, this is a bike race -- sort of. Olin Park was where the bikers shed their shoes and scaled this inflatable slide thingie. It was all part of Sunday's Urban Assault Ride -- a combination free-form bike race, obstacle course and scavenger hunt, in which two-person teams chart their own routes between checkpoints all over Madison (which is probably why they seemed to be everywhere). It looked like fun. From the announcement:
The Urban Assault Ride is a funky bike scavenger hunt that involves street-smart riding, obstacle courses, and a huge after party. Mental muscle is just as important as bike skills as teams of 2 choose their own course to checkpoints around the city.

The event is well known for its checkpoints where physical and mental obstacle courses must be completed before moving on. Kinda like American Gladiators with a demented cycling twist. The first team to hit all of the checkpoint and cross the finish line wins! Then the party begins with FREE BEER and lots more two-wheeled shenanigans!

It is THE MOST FUN you will ever have on a bike.

B. B. Clarke Beach in Late AugustThings were quieter across the lake, over at B. B. Clarke Beach. With not a swimmer in sight and several lifeguards on duty, there wasn't much for them to do but rake the sand over and over and scrub the duck poop off the diving platform -- passing the time and staving off Nature's reclaiming the beach for one more week. Oh my, where has summer gone?

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miriam said...

I have never heard about this but it sounds AWESOME. Wow. Great two different pix put against each other.