Saturday, August 23, 2008

Many happy thanks as LFH's blogometer turns over

Sometime last evening while we were at the Orton Park Festival, Letter from Here reached the 100,000 visitor mark. It's sort of like the odometer turning over on your car -- a certain amount of excitement, even though nothing really changes. There are, of course, big national blogs that exceed that that total in a day, or a fraction of a day, but for one little part-time blog that doesn't pretend to cover everything or even anything close to everything, but instead is a record of thoughts or images that happen to come to mind, it still feels great. Thanks for your page views and comments and words of encouragement. We now resume our regularly (un)scheduled programming . . .


Dr Bud "100001 and counting" Diablo said...

And as a regular reader, I am pleased as punch to be visitor #100,001. I look forward to many more photos of Wisconsin birds, Neighborhood Festivals, and feet.

Well, maybe not the feet so much.

The Laundress said...

Hey there,

Congrats -- you are big-time in this small pond! Hope you have somewhere captured my kid and her friends, they spent the weekend scarfing down jerk-chicken tacos and applauding assorted acts.

I, of course, was WORKING. No fun and nothing glamorous to shoot (dingy hallways, peeling paint).

Your fan,

Nataraj Hauser said...

Congratulations on the 100k milestone. I just went and checked my own site meter and it reads...just south of 7000. Heh! I am always fascinated though, by WHERE my viewers/readers are. boggles my mind. Only Africa and S. America aren't typically represented.

Keep up the good work!