Saturday, August 09, 2008

Monroe Street Bistro's Saturday soft opening made a great impression. We'll be back for the entrees.

Previewing the New Monroe Street Bistro Saturday Night
What's the perfect chaser for the Duchesse de Bourgogne traditional Flemish red ale? Why, an "Absinthe Minded Martini," of course. As the drink list said, "After a brief government-sponsored hiatus, Absinthe is back! A drink you won't forget . . ."

The New Monroe Street Bistro Had Its Open House Saturday NightIt was a night we won't forget, either. We were at the Monroe Street Bistro's Open House Saturday night, featuring half price drinks and free appetizers. It was a great opportunity to sample the imported beer selection at the new gastropub -- and that absinthe martini. The aioli frites were addictive and the Cuban pork tenderloin slices were amazing -- juicy, succulent and spicy. The house was packed, the ambiance was warm and the vibes were great. We'll be back for the entrees (they open Monday night, Aug. 11). They'll offer locally sourced European-inspired cuisine along with Belgian beer, Wisconsin microbrews, a selection of wines and specialty drinks -- and late-night food until 1:30 a.m. A great addition to the neighborhood, just west of Michael's Frozen Custard.

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