Monday, August 11, 2008

Mysteries of the Bureaucratic Mind (Continued)

> One Way <
Another mystery of the Madison bureaucratic mind is on display at Sawyer Terrace and North Segoe Road, in the form of this bizarre sign placement in front of the Hilldale post office branch. Up close, you can see what they're trying to accomplish, which is to keep people from driving directly into the post office driveway from Segoe -- although "Do Not Enter" would have sufficed, and "Exit Only" would have been less confusing than the left-pointing "One Way" if they really needed a second sign. A classic example of bad signage, and to motorists approaching on Segoe it's absolutely baffling.


Dr Bud Diablo said...

I had an office in that area for years, and the signs never ceased to give me pause. I would experience a flash of bewilderment and hit the brakes. I still fall for it when I drive down Segoe Rd.

I am happy to report, though, that this apparent folly artfully cloaks a clever ruse. The City wants motorists to slow down at that spot because it is a heavily used pedestrian crossing--and a harrowing sprint across a wide boulevard.. However, caution signs do know good, so they have installed baffling signs that cause drivers to slow down reflexively in confusion.

This is a new trend in the burgeoning field of Traffic Management. Induce confusion to inspire caution. A sign like SCHOOL CROSSING is taken as a mere point of information and ignored. However, substitute a sign that says JOG DOWN and motorists downshift, uncertain of what they're supposed to do.

Madison Guy said...

I definitely think you have a point. It certainly works with me.