Friday, August 08, 2008

Peace begins here, but it's a long way to the other side of the lagoon

Peace Begins Here, but It's a Long Way Across the Lagoon
First there's the mandatory inspection by the duck patrol, and then there's the long voyage across the deep, dark waters of Tenney Park Lagoon. We arrived late for this year's Lanterns for Peace event. We were waylaid by the beautiful sunset on Lake Mendota and didn't even notice how dark it was getting.

Peace Begins HereBy the time we launched the family flotilla, led by T's flagship HMS Peace Begins Here, the rest of the fleet had long since left the dock. They were far out in the lagoon, and most of the floating lanterns had already made their way to the other side, where they were greeted by a a welcoming throng. Still, aided by by a gentle breeze, our small family flotilla did its best to catch up.

Family Flotilla Endeavors to Catch Up with the Fleet


frances said...

what a lovely website you have, I just read through to the screen saver you made and you absolutely made my day, thank you!

Madison Guy said...

And your comment made mine. Thanks.