Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Recalling the "Three Moons Festival" at Orton Park

Saturday Night at the Orton Park Festival with Cycropia
When I think of last weekend's Orton Park Festival, I remember these balloons, floating gently like a dream. They balloons hovered above the Cycropia Aerial Dance venue, where the ensemble had rigged their apparatus from a large, spreading oak at the west end of the park. The artificial moons cast a serene, pearly light over the park. As the performances began, the illuminated balloons dimmed to a warm, magical glow.

Saturday Night at the Orton Park Festival with CycropiaWe seemed to be in an enchanted forest as Cycropians emerged in their mysterious and dazzling costumes. The aerialists swooped and glided and turned gracefully in the air, defying gravity, combining elements of dance and acrobatics. I wished I were shooting video. Still photography just couldn't do justice to their fluid grace.

Eventually, the three moons brightened and once again turned the night into a magical moonscape. An unforgettable scene. I'll always think of it as the Three Moons Festival.


Dr Bud "Non-Madison Guy" Diablo said...

You know how Civil War draftees would sometimes engage someone else to go to war in their place? I don't want to put undue pressure on you, MadGuy, but you play a similar role in my life.

I am in Madison but not of Madison. I don't buy Farmer's Market clover honey and munch it with scones on the Capitol lawn. I do not bike its tedious, undulating bike trail; even as a child, I hated my Schwinn. Growing up near Lake Michigan, I find the Four Lakes and their surrounding scenery placid. I do not avail myself of UW art film and recital opportunities, nor do I ever hoist a glass on the Terrace. During my 12 years of study at UW, I felt as confined to that venue as William Ellery Leonard did, and longed for freedom. I cannot pretend to have the heart of a villager and drag myself to local parks to chant for peace, celebrate the solstice, or whatever.

This is where you come in. I have always felt guilty about my lack of participation in the life of my community. The certainty that youa re present at all of these events makes me more comfortable staying home. I hope I can count on you to pedal the Sugar River Trail this weekend, allowing me to stay home and participate in 6 Fantasy Football drafts.

Anonymous said...

the above post is hilarious and sad in the fact that it exemplifies the difference between information and knowledge.