Friday, August 22, 2008

To see the Capitol towering above the isthmus the way it used to, head east

Capitol Floating in the Mist
Most photos of Madison's skyline are taken from the south, across Lake Monona. Shooting from Olin Park you can get good detail and those nice rippling reflections in the water, especially at night. The trouble is, the Capitol sort of gets lost in the shuffle. Development in recent years has filled in the sightlines. The Capitol is more or less just another building competing for attention in a busy cityscape. To see the Capitol towering majestically above the isthmus the way it once did, you have to approach from an angle where the sightlines are still open -- from the east, for example. That's the direction from which I saw the Capitol floating in the mist recently and pulled into the Olbrich Park boat landing to take a few shots. Still shooting across Lake Monona, but at a completely different angle.

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