Thursday, August 07, 2008

Western wildfires giving us some spectacular sunsets in Madison lately

Western Wildfires Helped Make This Sunset So Spectacular
I've gotta stop taking sunset pictures. This is getting repetitive. But first, just this one: Wingra Creek, where it widens into Gardner Marsh. Unbelievable. They say it's the western wildfires, both in Canada and the western U.S -- all that particulate matter in the stratosphere. It's not quite like the year Krakatoa blew up, but we're getting closer to that territory.

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The Laundress said...

That is so very beautiful...

I know that location well and it is usually pretty, but never saw it looking so stunning.

Regret having missed that sunset at that spot IRL, but glad you were there-- and caught it and shared it. Don't you dare stop taking sunset photos!

Envious, wanna-be shutterbug,