Saturday, August 16, 2008

When they harvest tobacco in the Madison area, you know summer is winding down

Wisconsin Tobacco Harvest
You know summer is winding down when they begin to harvest the local tobacco crop in Wisconsin. The tobacco is usually grown in small plots, and harvesting it is a labor-intensive process that hasn't changed much over the years. This could almost be an old Farm Security Administration (FSA) photograph from the 1930s.

Wisconsin Tobacco HarvestOf course, the kids' clothes give them away -- a difference that shows up more readily in color (click on photos to enlarge in Flickr, see more tobacco harvest pictures and find their locations on a map). Tobacco is making a comeback in Wisconsin as an interesting niche crop. And even if you're not a smoker, tobacco is a crop with rich historical associations in America. There are more tobacco farming photos in this Flickr set. And more about the changing nature of the Wisconsin tobacco crop in my post last year.

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