Sunday, August 03, 2008

Why would anybody want to shoot this with anything other than a camera?

Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. I never could understand why Wisconsin had to join the stampede of states to legalize hunting of this gentle bird with the lovely, plaintive call. There weren't enough creatures to legally kill?


The Laundress said...

Well, those noisy cranes are supposed to be good eatin' too. Maybe Wisconsinites just want to shoot down and consume the avians that raise a ruckus and draw attention to themselves?

Dr Wesson Smith said...

Although the dove makes a tolerable pot pit, the thrill for some of us is in the kill, not the consumption.

When you shoot a large animal like a deer, it just collapses. If you shoot a dove with a high caliber weapon, you obliterate it. BANG! Nothing left but a couple of errant feathers twirling to earth.

That's why I belong to Doves Unlimited. You go out with the right weapon and shoot 200 of them and have nothing to haul home, clean and eat. They simply cease to exist. This is why I organize an annual Hummingbird Hunt--in a jurisdiction where it's legal.

Peacenik types like you want to deny the atavistic impulse that is present in all of us. However, suppressed, it just re-emerges as daily crabbiness and blog posts that rage impotently at Bush and Cheney.