Friday, September 05, 2008

A gloating, gleeful note from the Earmarks Queen of Alaska to the Wasilla City Council

We had a politician like Sarah Palin in Wisconsin once. He was just as gifted at using hypocrisy, lies and distortions to tap into a deep vein of anger and resentment, and he also made a career of promising to clean up Washington (in his case, to rid it of Communist sympathizers). Who knew Joe McCarthy would someday be reincarnated as a moose-hunting hockey mom with an attitude?

Palin's fast-and-loose way with the truth is proving to be a field day for fact checkers. This scrawled note was found in the Wasilla municipal records by The Washington Independent. (Via Kos)

It's a "That's Not All!" note appended to Wasilla City Council Informational Memorandum 99-62 that Mayor Palin sent to members of her city council.
FYI This does not include our nearly one million Dollars from the Feds for our Airport Paving Project.

We did well!!!
To hear her talk at the convention, you'd think she would have argued that, in the spirit of Alaskan self-reliance, the good citizens of Wasilla should roll up their sleeves and pave their own airport, instead of burdening taxpayers in the lower 48 states. But no -- when it came to earmarks, she was all for them before she was against them.

9/6/08 UPDATE: Or, as Barack Obama put it in Terre Haute today while talking about Palin's record on earmarks, "Come on. Words mean something. You can't just make stuff up."

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