Monday, September 29, 2008

The leaves are turning and Brett Favre is finding his groove in New York

The Leaves Are Turning and Brett Favre Is Finding His Groove
It's starting, that fall thing: The leaves are turning, the October Surprise came a bit early with the Wall Street bailout, and Brett Favre is finding his groove. With the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets apparently headed in opposite directions, Packers GM Ted Thompson and Coach Mike McCarthy face a growing chorus of questions why they let the 38-year-old Favre go, when he's still perfectly capable of shaking off a bad first quarter and going on to throw a career-high six touchdown passes. In one game. For the New York Jets.

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Coach Bud Diablo said...

Initially, I was sympathetic to Titletown Ted Thompson. Brett Favre, Mississippi's premier showboat, talked retirement to the press for several years, his coy bids for attention making it tough for a team to plan for its coming season. I could understand why TTT demurred when Brett wanted to "come back" only weeks after a farewell speech that made Lou Gehrig's look positively flippant in comparison.

My empathy for Titletown Ted diminished, though, as he dog-paddled, dragging out the Favre situation while trying to keep Favre from playing anyplace at all. I grew still more dubious about Thompson and Mark Murphy when they went into the season with two rookies backing up Aaron Rodgers. Kind of cocky, that--taking a contending team into the season with 3 QBs who had 0 NFL starts among them.

Pride goeth before a fall. Rodgers goes down yesterday while Brett chucks six sixes for the Jets. If Rodgers is out for any length of time--which he usually is--and Favre continues to dazzle Gotham, the next jobs TTT and MM apply for will be as night managers for 7-11 stores far from Packerland.

It looks like my prediction that oil will plummet could well come true. Under a deflationary scenario, $.35 gasoline is a real possibility.