Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Madison's Goodman Pool really went to the dogs on Labor Day -- and the dogs loved it

Madison's Goodman Pool Really Went to the Dogs on Labor Day
"Come on in, the water's fine!" -- hundreds of area dogs went for a swim and competed in events like jumping, retrieving and splashing. It was the second annual Dog Paddle at Goodman Pool, aimed at raising money for the Madison Police Department's K-9 Unit, on the day after the pool closed and just before it was flushed and drained for the season.

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Dr Bud "Devil Dog" Diablo said...

Is that you in the foreground, recoiling from the wolf hybrid that's about to come onto the tile after you? I don't blame you, MadGuy. The Dog Paddle has had far too many fatalities for a "fun" community event. Sadly, the fault lies with just a couple of breeds, last year's Beagle attacks constituting the lone exception.