Friday, September 26, 2008

Should I suspend my blog and go to Washington to help save the economy?

Should I Suspend My Photography to Go Help Save the Bailout?
Nah. John McCain is already on the case. He can handle it. I'd rather post a photo. This oasis of serenity in a collapsing, chaotic world was brought to you by Santiago Calatrava. His addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum is a serene exercise in form, bathed in light and magic

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Dr Bud "Naked Short" Diablo said...

I liquidated my stocks, except for a couple of gold and silver holdings. When market rallies are fueled by "good news" like bailouts of financial giants, I wonder what counts as bad news. It's not an environment for the canny stock-picker.

A Wall Street broker who went through the Crash of '29 and Depression said something like this in an interview. "Everything unfolded in slow motion. We were always congratulating ourselves for having survived it when it had really only begun."

I'm starting to think that the Collapse of '08 is happening in slow motion. I'm tired of reading about how the worst is behind us. I now think things will get a lot worse.

You rightly rage at the Wall Street manipulators who have nearly brought the house down. However, greed is as prevalent on Main Street as it is on Wall Street. Citizens who took out huge home loans and lived high on the assumption that increasing equity would cover it have done their part to undermine society. Top to bottom, our culture needs a good cleansing. One of the benefits of financial hard times is that people learn to make do with library books, fishing off the dock, and playing croquet, having to forego a materialistic lifestyle because they can no longer obtain the material.