Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting to be that time of year: We've got the ectoplasm flying around the rafters again

Starting to Have Problems with Ectoplasm in the Rafters Again
Hard to pin down. You see it, and then you don't. Just when you think you imagined it, there's its pale phosphorescence again, grinning at you mockingly. What to do? Could try calling Ghost Busters, but they never inspired much confidence in me.

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Dr Bud "Entity" Diablo said...

I'm an intellectual skeptic and an emotional romantic. I love Halloween and do believe in a world beyond this one. However, I get really disappointed when I read round-ups of the paranormal news on sites like THE ANOMALIST.

Sloppy Bigfoot prints that look like they were made with a modified toilet plunger. Wisps in videos and photos that could be ectoplasm or could be operator error. Testimony from janitors who claim they saw alien bodies while mopping the Restricted Wing at Roswell. Spirits spouting New Age vagaries through mediums. "The Many are One here." It's all such lame stuff.

One phenomenon that does interest me is EVP. Those clipped little voices give me the willies. If these are stray radio transmissions as some claim, why aren't they ever snatches of music? Lots of the "voices" are indistinct, though. I think it's possible that many EVP captures are machine noise while the most impressive examples are fakes.

The advent of better technology has rendered psychic phenomena less impressive, rather than more. In the 19th century, mediums would float out the window and deceased princesses would materialize at seances. Infra-red cameras and other devices have made spectacular chearing difficult. I want to believe, but the evidence does not compel belief.