Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The smallest garden at Olbrich Gardens is also a magical, kaleidoscopic wonder

Not a Christmas Tree Closeup, but Something More Kaleidoscopic
In fact, it is a kaleidoscope -- of a very unusual sort. It's an artist's garden kaleidoscope at Olbrich Botanical Gardens. Of the many wonder there, this is one of my favorites -- partly a rotating miniature garden, partly an interactive sculpture, and partly an optical toy. And pure psychedelic magic. I described how it works last year, when I visited with my Minolta Dimage X (there's also this Flickr set, buried back in my stream). We were there this weekend, and made a stop at my favorite toy. Turns out, it provides an even more spectacular view when I shoot through the eyepiece with my Nikon Coolpix. Next time you're there, give it a spin.

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George H. said...

Now THAT is cool.