Monday, November 17, 2008

Caution: MBA program ahead?

Caution: MBA Program Ahead?
The new $40.5 million UW School of Business east wing of Grainger Hall opened this fall just in time for our financial system to collapse. The four-story addition is designed to foster interaction and collaboration among Wisconsin MBA students. These warning signs were on one of the doors this weekend. Something about the glass doors? Or a warning that investing in an MBA in today's troubled economy may be hazardous to your financial health?

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Dr Bud "marked to Market" Diablo said...

The cautions are intended to warn the students inside to stay in graduate school and avoid venturing out into the "real world." When they entered the UW Business School, coupon-clipping sharpies who could earn more in an hour than a heart surgeon does in a lifetime were cultural heroes, avatars of the new Gilded Age. Now, MBAs can be set upon by mobs, although they are not easily identified if they substitute backpacks for briefcases.