Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Coming during Thanksgiving week, the first real snow of the season was right on schedule

Front Row Seat on Winter
Although the only rule about Wisconsin weather is that there are no rules, the first real snow of the season -- a light one -- came right on schedule. We frequently get our first snowfall about a month before winter officially starts, often during Thanksgiving week. Last year it came a few days earlier, but so did Thanksgiving.

Now They All Have White HatsThis was the scene in Wingra Park Monday morning. An empty bench in front of the boathouse had a front row seat on a frozen lake and the white woods of the UW Arboretum beyond. The park itself underwent a fashion change, and suddenly the plants all were wearing white hats.

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ann marie said...

Love both, you know. The leaf is so expressive, too... But the bank. Something so touching about it. Here snow snow too, but just started when I drove back. Huge storm. Glad to have made it. And yes to bloggin' in the free world, again.