Tuesday, November 04, 2008

The right to vote is under attack. It's time to fight back.

The Right to Vote Is Under Attack. It's Time to Fight Back.
We often take our right to vote for granted, but in reality it's as fragile as a flower, as vulnerable as an autumn leaf. A stiff wind can blow it away. A heel can grind it into the dust. A heavy rain can flush it down the drain. Thanks to the so-called anti-fraud measures in the Help America Vote Act of 2002, the votes of all too many poor people, minorities and older voters are being suppressed:
It's happening again. For six years, the Democratic Party has been snoozing through a quiet, brilliantly executed Republican operation to block, stop and purge voters by the millions. As New Mexico voting rights attorney John Boyd put it, "I don't think the Democrats get it. All these new rules and games are turning voting into an obstacle course that could flip the vote to the GOP in half a dozen states."

Karl Rove once said, "We have elections like those run in countries where the guys in charge are, you know, colonels in mirrored glasses." He wasn't complaining; he was boasting. -- Greg Palast, Truthout.com
That's why it's so important to vote today if you haven't already. When enough people turn out, their votes can't all be suppressed. Vote as if your life depends on it. It does.


ann marie said...

must comment here too, it does.

Dr Bud "Tammany" Diablo said...

You seem to view the battle between Democrats and Republicans as Light versus Darkness. This Manichean view does have an ingenuous charm, and must give Boss Tweed and Mayor Daley a chuckle up there in Heaven--if that's where they are, paying off angelic precinct captains.

You should be in a better humor today, MadGuy, as the louts, brigands, and Halliburton lackeys will be cast from office. Although I'm about to leave and go vote for McCain, let me be the first to congratulate you. I do believe in a two-party system and accept that ya can't win 'em all. McCain won't be conceding until at least 10pm EST, but I concede now.

Don't get too excited about the Dawn of a New Day for America, though. As the recession deepens, thre won't be much cash available for sweeping social programs.

Although I'm no Obama fan per se, I will acknowledge that I'm glad to see a minority President elected at last. Racism isn't dead, but this another nail in the coffin.