Saturday, November 29, 2008

The sun sets on some of the first ice fishers to venture out on a newly frozen Lake Wingra

Some of Lake Wingra's First Ice Fishing of the Season
This was the scene late Friday afternoon: The sun had already set, and the ice fishers were still running out there. The ice looked solid, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to trust it yet. I mean, it's only November... But then, I'm not an ice fisherman. I'm not going to risk falling through the ice for the fun of sitting in icy solitude, hour after hour, alone with my thoughts and the possibility of an occasional encounter with a fish dumb enough to investigate that funny little hole in the ice.


Dr Bud "hut-hut" Diblo said...

Why do we get such extensive coverage of ice fishing and such meager NFL commentary? I have a feeling this inlet is on your way home from work.

Let's here your thoughts on the Packers' dwindling playoff prospects. You don't need to include a photo.

By the way, you seem to have upgraded. I am now able to capitalize my user name. Thanks, and I hope it wasn't too expensive.

Madison Guy said...

It's really too bad about the Packers. Looks like Favre won't be able to beat them in the Super Bowl.

Dr Bud Diablo said...

Be of stout heart, MadGuy. Remember, we play in the NFC North. The 1st-place Vikings, legendary for their late-season collapses, just lost two key defensive players to suspension.

If we can somehow stagger to the final contest just a game behind, we're in like Flynn. We close out the regular season with the hapless Lions; you can circle the W on that one now. And remember how the Vikes propelled the Green and Gold into the playoffs a few years ago by losing to the lowly Cardinals in their final game with no time left on the clock? It shows that you can never count the Vikings in.

Favre seems to have stolen competitive fire from the Packers and brought it to the Jets. Fans are starting to boo when Ted Thompson appears on the JumboTron. Looks like the last laugh goes to Favre.