Saturday, November 22, 2008

That upside-down traffic sign? Turns out it really was a leading indicator after all.

Turns Out It Really Was a Leading Indicator After All
Photographic crystal ball? I posted a color version of this photo nearly a year ago. Someone had removed the top screw and let the sign flip so it pointed down and to the left. I wondered whether it was a leading political and economic indicator, pointing toward a a leftward turn in our politics and a downward turn in the economy. I'm always seeing these little omens in everyday things, and usually they mean absolutely nothing. Not so this time.

At the time, I thought the Junior Senator from Illinois was really running for Vice president on a Clinton ticket. I thought That she had a lock on the nomination and that she would have a good chance to be elected. The picture was a light-hearted way of finding omens and portents that reinforced my view. The housing bubble had started to break, but we were many months from seeing the real impact. What a year! I guess I'll pay more attention to unusual traffic signs from now on.

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Anonymous said...

I dig your take on this one... it definitely makes the photo.