Sunday, November 16, 2008

The tree lights on University Avenue are back!

They're Back!
The reason to drive to and from work by way of 2700 Universty Avenue from now until the end of the year: Dr. Jack Kammer's Annual University Avenue Tree Lights Display. Just a quick grab shot the other night. Have to go back with a tripod one of these days.


em said...

This is my ALL time favorite part of Christmas in Madison. :)

froggyprager said...

Yea! my kids have been asking for them all year

The Veroeven Family said...

Thanks for the pic. I like the "whoosh sound" it makes as you look at it. We Love the lights. We love them so much, my company helped print Dr. Jack's book this year!

See the link here, along with the recent news reports done on them: