Monday, December 15, 2008

Alone in the office at night, everything starts to look strange

Working Late in the Office
Things get strange when you're alone in the office at night. It's quiet except for the occasional odd noise you don't want to think about, the lights are out in the background, and objects your coworkers put up to make their cubes more like home -- the things you hardly notice in the daytime -- glow with a kind of hyper-reality under the spotlight of the overhead fluorescent fixture, highlighted against the dark background. They seem alive with a life of their own.

Working Late in the OfficeIn the stillness, everything feels a bit weird. You pick up the pace and maybe cut a corner or two so you can get finished and be able to leave. You crank up the iPod to drown out the sound of silence. And sometimes it feels like somebody is watching you. Poking your head up above the partition, you see that somebody is. He's pastel and furry and strangely threatening. That's when you know you've had too much coffee.

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Muddy Palette said...

You captured the quirky poignance of the nighttime office wonderfully here. Great post and marvelous blog!