Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It just won't stop, but at least we'll have a white Christmas

It Just Won't Stop
If I'm reading the news stories right, today's snowfall will put us above the all-time snowfall record for December -- and we still have a week to go.
On Tuesday only 3.1 inches of snow fell at the Dane County Regional Airport, bringing the December total up to 33.2 inches, or 0.8 of an inch shy of the record 34 inches for December, set in 2000.

Through Tuesday, Madison had received 37.5 inches of snow so far this winter of 2008-09 (4.3 inches fell in November), 9.6 inches more than the 27.9 inches that fell through Dec. 23 during the record snowfall of the winter of 2007-08.
Things average out in the end, I guess. We've had plenty of Christmases when there was no snow on the ground, just fog, rain, of if were lucky, a bone-chilling, mocking sunlight. At least this year, as T says, nobody will have to put up a "Pray for Snow!" sign.

So where does all that snow go? The Capital Times explained the other day that the city carts it off to sites on the south and east sides. The snow mounds piling up all over town are hauled off by city workers.
[They] drive giant dump trucks hauling snow from around the city to snow storage sites behind Bowman Field on the south side and behind the former Garver Feed Mill by Olbrich Gardens on the east side.

"I guess there are pretty impressive piles down there," said streets spokesman George Dreckmann, who hasn't seen them personally. "I said, 'Big enough to put a chair lift on?' And they said, 'Well, almost.' "
It's almost as much work for them to haul it away, as it is to plow it in the first place. Here's hoping they'll be able to get a break to enjoy Christmas with their families.

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