Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lighting our Solstice candles in Wingra Park at sunset in the subzero windchill

Lighting Our Solstice Candles at Sunset in the Subzero Windchill
It's hard to believe that two years ago our Solstice celebration involved umbrellas. Today, with subzero wind chills in the afternoon, our celebration was somewhat abbreviated. We drove down to the Wingra Boathouse in hopes of finding some shelter from the wind five minutes before sunset. We were out there not long after. The customary harvesting of ice shards for T's ice lantern was abandoned (besides, the ice on Lake Wingra was covered under all that snow), and a plastic cup had to suffice. We were soon out of there. The candles, however, were still burning a couple hours later, a warm flickering light in the darkness of the longest night of the year. Happy Solstice! Here's hoping yours has been warmer than ours.

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Wren said...

Happy Solstice to you, too, Guy, though a few days late.

Ours was also snowy, but not nearly as cold as yours. I've been reading your blog and enjoying your photos long enough to be familiar with your Solstice tradition of making an ice lantern just as the sun goes down, and I thought to start doing something like that myself. Solstice has, for many years, been far more important to me as a tangible signal of times' passing and the past year's transition into the future than Christmas, secular or otherswise.

But wouldn't you know. I forgot about the Solstice candle until now.

NEXT year. I'll mark my calendar NOW. Here's wishing you and yours the best winter, the best holiday and the best new year yet. Oh, and DO stay warm.