Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Madison dodges a weather bullet as effortlessly as Bush ducking a shoe

December Rain on State Street
The warm temperture and steady December rain Sunday afternoon and evening resulted in many beautiful scenes -- if you're a camera, or maybe the weatherproof "Forward" statue on the State Street corner of the Square. For humans, not so much, though the intrepid bicyclist seemed to be managing.

A few hours later, we could have had a real disaster. Temper- atures dropped some 40 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few hours. The weather reports predicted the rain would continue and turn into snow as the cold front moved in. We had one of those last year. Rainwater mixed with snow and pooled on our street, paving it with a layer of ice that lasted for weeks. Eventually part of it melted in spots, only to give us ice potholes that were hell on suspensions and almost impossible to drive out of if a wheel happened to fall into one while you were backing out of the driveway.

It didn't happen. Instead, the rain melted most of the remaining snow on the streets and then stopped while it was still warm. Gusty winds then dried off the streets before the subzero windchills moved in. Perfect timing.

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Wren said...

What a stunningly beautiful photo that top on is, Guy. Wow! I love the reflections of the lights on that wet (frozen) street ... you have quite an eye, my friend.