Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Where There Are Shepherds You Gotta Have Sheep -- Lots of Them
Where there are shepherds you have to have sheep -- and lots of them... Every year, we look forward to one of our favorite Christmas displays in Madison -- this one on Tokay Blvd. It's sweet and gentle and totally breathtaking. Wiring the lights in this year's snow must really have been something. I'm so glad they made the effort.

Best holiday wishes to everyone!


Ann Marie Simard said...

oh very same. As you may know, out of flickr land for a while, was tweaking my blog just saw this live. I am, too. Probably will have to count those sheep in iambic pentameter for it to me to rhyme to sleep, and even then, sleep is way overrated. Here's to all shepherds wide awake. It's never too late to state. Wondrous tones in photo. Thanks for leaving a good light up and out. Happy holiday time to you if you indeed get any.

Citizen Reader said...

Visiting your blog every Christmas to see a new picture of the lambs is becoming almost as much of a tradition as driving over to see the lambs myself! Thanks for the great picture.

Donna said...

I wish the people who live there would/could see this great photo. A neighbor of theirs tell me they have a lot of thefts. Mostly of sheep.