Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So far, we're keeping up nicely with last year's record snowfall pace

Madison's First Big Winter Storm of the Season
The snow that stared Monday night with sleet and icy rain (a good time to put windshield wipers up to keep them from becoming icebound) dropped 6.5 inches of white stuff in Madison and almost twice as much further north.

Snow DaySchools closed, and it was a welcome snow day for students -- except at UW-Madison, where they are in the midst of finals. For everyone else it was a hassle, made worse by the feeling of déjà vu:
The storm puts the total for this snow season at 16.3 inches. During the record snows of 2007-08, when 101.4 inches of snow came down, Madison had 16.7 inches of snow through Dec. 9.
In other words, we're just about on track to keep pace with last year's depressing record. It worked out to almost one snowfall every other day.


George H. said...

Cool. Nice photo.

JSE said...

Actually, finals aren't until next week.

Dr Bud Diablo said...

I think you'll agree that I've been a loyal contributor, giving much while asking nothing for myself. However, I would now ask a personal favor.

Stop posting these snowscapes and year-to-date snowfall totals. I work at home, and I draw the blinds to shield myself from the brutal reality of our winters. I don't appreciate confronting it on my home computer.

What WOULD be nice is if you would reprise some of your global warming jeremiads. I am starting to lose faith. Our recent winters make me despair of ever seeing pelicans and alligators in Lake Mendota. Furthermore, world temperatures have failed to rise during the past decade, and since human activities account for only
.01% of the atmosphere's C02, I don't see how we're ever going to get there. Your fervent posts always renewed my hope. I dare you to repost one.

Jessie said...

depressing?! I don't know what you're talking about! if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow. last winter was lots of sledding-shoveling-fun!

keep the updates coming; it's a lovely prospect!

Wren said...

Love the photo, Guy. And I can't help but love the irony -- here I am, despairing of ever getting enough snow here in N. California to fill the reservoirs for the upcoming parched, tinder-dry summer, and there you are, depressed by the already-heavy snowfalls in your state.

How about I ship you some boring sunshine, and you send me some nice, heavy snow? We gotta work together on these things!

Seriously -- chin up. At least the snow gives you the opportunity for some delightful photographs. :o)