Saturday, June 21, 2008

St. Raphael's Summer Solstice steeple scene

Summer Solstice Report on the State of the St. Raphael's Steeple
The slanting afternoon light poured gorgeously through the stained glass windows of the ruins of St. Raphael Cathedral yesterday, on the afternoon of the Solstice, but it was a melancholy scene nevertheless. The fire-damaged ruins of the once proud, historic cathedral have been decapitated, and are awaiting demolition. The base of the steeple cuts a surreal figure as it sits on the ground awaiting removal. The spire has been loaded onto a truck, looking more like one of those trailer-mounted missiles the Soviets used to drive through Red Square during their May Day parades than part of a sacred building. An earlier LFH post provided for more information and links about St. Raphael's -- and a photo of the cathedral with the steeple intact.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The reason radio was invented

The Reason Radio Was Invented
You know the moment -- alone after sunset on a long, lonesome highway, the light dying, night coming on and many miles to drive. You turn on the radio. Its lights give off a warm glow on the dash, you ease into the familiar sounds of a favorite show, or you scan the dial restlessly, trying to forget you're alone and night is falling.

Monday, June 16, 2008

You can get there from here, but you'll get your feet wet -- and the car might not make it at all

You Can Get There from Here, but You'll Get Your Feet Wet
This was what the Olin Park boat landing on Lake Monona .looked like Sunday morning. Although Madison was spared most of the serious flooding that took place in surrounding communities recently, the lakes in Madison are at very high levels, with the lakes posted as no-wake zones in their entirety, not just near the shore. But there weren't all that many boats on the lakes. The photo shows one reason why. Boats, except for the smallest, were difficult to launch. The high water made it diffficult to back up the hauling vehicles far enough to get the carriers low enough in the water to launch. The concrete walkway to the pier is normally about a foot or so above the waterline, and the launching ramp slants down into the water next to it.

Father's Day smoked whitefish at the Washington Hotel Coffee Room

Father's Day Smoked Whitefish at Washington Hotel Coffee Room
During our regular Sunday morning bike ride -- clear skies at last! -- we stopped at the Washington Hotel Coffee Room for their amazing smoked whitefish spread on the sourdough bread they bake themselves. (Click on photo montage to enlarge in Flickr.) The Washington Hotel is located on Door County's Washington Island, and they have revitalized locally-grown agriculture on the island. I love this place, their Madison outpost. It's located in Lakeside Fibers on Lakeside Street. I'm not a knitter, but every time I look at that bright, warm wall filled with colorful skeins of yarn, I start to fantasize about taking up knitting someday. On the other side of the room, cool breezes blowing in through the open screened windows from the lake out back were the next best thing to being in Door County itself. A great Father's Day brunch.