Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Comment moderation shut off again

I hate comment moderation on blogs. Recently I was plagued by a rash of comment spammers ("Hi, I just started reading your blog and absolutely love it. I'll come back often. Keep up the good work -- Debbie, www.BuyMy Stuff.com").

I thought I'd be clever and only moderate comments that came in after two days from the date of the post, which seems to be the pattern for Debbie and her ilk. Trouble is, in addition to stopping Debbie, this also cast some legitimate comments into comment limbo. I thought they'd show up in my email the same as unmoderated comments but they didn't. Instead, they piled up unattended under an "Awaiting Moderation" tab that this occasional blogger didn't even see until today.

They've been liberated, and I've turned off the comment moderation again, in hopes that Debbie has been permanently discouraged. (I can always dream, right?) I really appreciate your comments. Sorry about the disruption.

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Cybergabi said...

I don't know about Blogger, but Wordpress has a nice feature: First comment of every person needs to be approved, the following ones will be accepted automatically.

I'm not having any troubles with spamming. But Wordpress has a nice spam filter too.