Thursday, January 01, 2009

My Nikon D90 lets me adjust most settings and operate the camera with my gloves on

My D90 Lets Me Do Most Everything with My Gloves On
The controls are intelligently laid and ergonomically satisfying. Better yet, you can pretty much make all the adjustments you want with gloves on -- a vital feature in this climate. On New Year's Day today, it was in the mid-twenties (F) but felt much colder on account of the windchill. I've always been willing to sacrifice my fingers for a good photograph, but my fingers thank the D90 for no longer having to make the choice. For example, I was able to turn on the Live View with one touch of a gloved finger. (I don't actually use Live View very much, as the focus sucks -- but I thought it would look good in the photo.)

Why do I think the glove thing matters? Because of sub-zero-windchill pictures like this.

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