Wednesday, January 07, 2009

My Ugly Cup for the office and the sad tale of how it became an Ugly Pen Holder

My Ugly Cup for the Office and How It Became an Ugly Pen Holder
I'm a heavy coffee drinker and have become deeply attached to my various cups at home and in the office. I'm not sure it matters much what they look like originally -- some have been downright weird, others stunning. But usage soon gives them the beauty of familiarity.

Trouble is, whenever I've had a cup in the office that I'm particularly fond of, I either break it or it disappears. I finally realized on a trip to Florida some time back that what I really needed was an Ugly Cup. This gaudy mess, with my name printed in large (ugly) capital letters on the back and covered with alligators, beaches, palms and space shuttles seemed just the thing. For years it served its purpose -- the name successfully warded off poltergeists, and if that wasn't enough, there was the sheer ugliness as an added deterrent. And, hey -- if it broke, I could just throw away the pieces. I never lost it and drank my coffee out of it every day for eight years (I enjoyed the large capacity, too).

But I'm only human. One day I dropped it, putting into play the other function of an Ugly Cup -- in the event of inadvertent destruction, I could just sweep up the pieces and gladly be rid of this embarrassment. But with the tenacious survival instincts of a true Ugly Cup it refused to die. The handle snapped off neatly and the cup was otherwise unharmed. It would be wantonly callous to toss out such a hardy survivor.

That's why I now have an Ugly Pen Holder on my desk. (As for my new cup, it isn't ugly --just blah. A black cup with a little logo on it from the kitchen cabinet. Attachments to things are just too difficult.)

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