Sunday, January 25, 2009

Newspaper reader's winter dilemma

Newspaper Reader's Winter Dilemma
Most days the newspaper will be partially buried in the snow. Some days you'll get lucky and it will land on top of the snow. And some days it will be snowing and only a vague outline, at best, will signal the paper's presence. You know you have to go get it, but it's cold and you decide to read a bit of it online. Then you read some more. Then you check out some favorite blogs and other sources. By the time you finally pick up the physical paper, you've already read everything you want to read, and you wonder -- not for the first time -- why you are still subscribing.


Ann Marie Simard said...

Story of my life! Just stopped my subscription to globe and mail because of that. No more under snow buried. Lovely photo this one too and yes, and yes. How true. Now I'm buying same and others in a store... thoughtful entry while thinking of snow melting.

Anonymous said...

Canceled my subscription 4 years ago. Haven't purchased a single issue since, and don't miss it one bit. Maybe some day when they return to the days of real investigative reporting and fact checking, but I'm not holding my breath on either.

George H. said...

I will never understand the motive of anyone who boasts about being uninformed. Is this to be complimented? There was a president who bragged about it, too.
I'm not saying good, bad or medium on quality, just the notion of being proud of being ignorant. My wife used to wear her toe out kicking me under the table at dinner parties where someone would puff up and say, "well, I don't read the local rag . . ."
Yes, brag about that. And when the plows don't run and the cops don't come when you call and they put up a pig farm next to your tennis court, that local rag will still take your call. Imagine that.