Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day at Trader Rose

Trader Rose in B&W
On Valentine's Day, they should change their name to Trader Rose. There was the usual rush of flower buyers at Trader Joe's on Monroe Street. They're wonderful -- good prices, not just on roses, but for incredible bouquets in a variety of assortments and prices to brighten up the house this time of year. And a knack for retail display -- the flowers just explode in your face as you enter the store. Not a parking space to be had. I parked up the street. Good thing for Madison florists that there's just one Trader Joe's in Madison -- for now.

Trader Rose in ColorI also love it as a photographer. The lighting is good, and almost anyplace you aim even a point and shoot will give beautiful results. Of course, you are faced by the usual question facing the flower photographer: black and white, or color? Black and white emphasizes the beautiful forms. Unfolding rose petals, especially, reflect the light in soft, delicate nuances that look great in black and white. But with all that color, how can you pass on the opportunity to sample nature's incredible paintbox? There is no correct answer.

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