Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter isn't over till it's over

Winter Isn't Over Till It's Over
After all this time, it still fools me every year: We have the midwinter thaw, and most -- if not quite all -- the snow disappears. People get carried away and start running in shorts and shirtsleeves. I start to think winter is almost over. And then a new arctic cold front moves in. It showed itself in the window this morning.

Technical note to those so inclined: I've shot this window in the past, and the strong backlighting always posed exposure and post processing issues, since you had to choose whether to expose for the window or for the star, and then fix the other in post processing. The Nikon D90's Active D-Lighting, set to auto, took care of it. This is straight out of the camera.

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Rich said...

Winter is showing it's frosty presence here in Boston as well.

This is a great shot BTW!!