Saturday, March 07, 2009

By far the most stressful time of year in Madison, and I don't mean taxes

The Most Stressful Time of Year in Madison and I Don't Mean Taxes
The box office opened today, and it's time make your picks for the Wisconsin Film Festival, April 2-5, before the films you really want to see sell out. But how to know what you really want to see? More than a 100 films in four days -- features, documentaries, shorts; foreign and domestic; restorations and premieres. Most will never be shown in theaters in Madison again. Make the wrong choice, and you lose your chance to see the neglected masterpiece, the gem everyone will be talking about later. Stressful, yes, but exciting, too. The online program guide is well organized, has lots of information, and makes online ordering easy. There's also a box office in the UW Memorial Union. Advance sales close April 1. After that a limited number of tickets are available at the screenings, but don't count on being able to get into the popular choices without an advance ticket.

Although we use the website for ordering and getting more information (and color), there's nothing like skimming the black and white print program guide distributed in advance by Isthmus for a quick overview. It's part of the ritual.

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George H. said...

There are some tough calls this year, and I am a little surprised at the number of Canadian films. I always wonder at the lack of film, even shorts, from Africa and South America. This a great event, however, and an important part of Madison's culture scene. Like everyone else, I like to be surprised and this is a good way to do accomplish that.