Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The fireball that wasn't -- this time

The Fireball That Wasn't -- This Time
I saw some white scratches on the side of a dark blue minivan yesterday that reminded me of meteors streaking across the night sky, so I took some photos. This one looked as if it could use a bit of enhancing. So I enhanced. And enhanced. Didn't know where to stop.

The resulting fireball was probably inspired by the news Monday that a small asteroid just missed the earth by a cosmically insignificant 40,000 miles or so. It was in about the same size range as the one that exploded over Tunguska, Siberia in 1908. That one resulted in a 10-15-megaton upper atmosphere blast that leveled all the trees over an 800-square-mile area. See simulation.

I don't lose a lot of sleep over asteroid strikes, though one on that scale happens about once every hundred years, but I do wish that more of the technological ingenuity we devote to finding ever more efficient and high-tech ways of killing other humans could be devoted to defnding against these nonhuman killers.


Dr Bud Diablo, Aging Fireball said...

I guess what you see in paint scratches is a personal thing. Myself, when I view scratches on a van, I tend to see van scratches.

However, looking a bit longer, what I see here is not a Death Rock on a collision course with Earth but the trajectory of Obama's popularity, reading from right to left. His administration's unseemly squabbles with entertainer Rush Limbaugh, his inability to find Cabinet nominees who pay their fair share of taxes, and his pursuit of Galactic Health Care and other social programs funded by non-existent money are making the new regime look like a federal version of Badger Boys State. Sorry Obamania is ending so soon, as it seemed to be a tonic for you personally.

scribble1 said...

Asteroids with a bull eye trajectory on central park--

One major hit per century--3/4 of the earth is water--1 land hit per 400 years--1% of the land area is moderately populated--1 moderately populated hit per 40000 years--.05% of land area is heavy populated--1 heavily populated hit per 600,000 years.

We are going to do in central park long before the asteroid does.

Kamikaze Obama

First rule of politics--if the other party is in the self destroy mode mode stand back and enjoy.

If the best answer the GOP can come up for their Rush Limbaugh problem is the attack Obama for his 'unseemly squabbles' the Dems are scoring big time. Otherwise they'd be obeying the first rule

Underneath it all Obama is a hard nosed Chicago pol--a big reason he has my support since it will take a hard nosed Chicago pol to clean up this mess.

Wouldn't bet my political future on him self destructing something the GOP seems intent on doing.

Like attacking a $200,000 grant for removing gang tattoos and helping kids clean up their lives--way I remember it the GOP was spend S200,000 in Iraq every couple minutes for the last 7 years.

Madison Guy said...

Underneath it all Obama is a hard nosed Chicago pol--a big reason he has my support since it will take a hard nosed Chicago pol to clean up this mess.