Sunday, March 15, 2009

Looking for spring greenery on a sunny March afternoon in Madison's Olbrich Gardens

Saturday afternoon we went to Olbrich Botanical Gardens looking for spring. It wasn't quite shirtsleeve weather unless you were very young and/or a runner, but the day was so warm, the light so sunny and inviting, it seemed that spring would be just around the corner. Much of Madison seemed to feel the same way. It was really crowded, perhaps because they're also holding their spring flower show through March 22.

In Search of SpringBut spring was nowhere to be found. Sure, there were robins, but they were eating last year's leftovers. The earth had not yet sprung to life. Not a trace of green. Instead, the grounds of this beautiful garden were filled with earth tones and patches of snow taking its time melting.

In Search of SpringWhat was missing was the color green. You forget how much you hunger for it during the long winter months, making do with Christmas trees and potted plants. But this time of year it starts to come on with an addict's sense of desperation, the craving for green, now. For that you had to go indoors to the Bolz Conservatory. I hadn't realized just how hungry I was for the magical color until I encountered this leaf -- large, tropical, glowing and GREEN. Thanks for being there, Olbrich Gardens. I'll take my fix of green any way I can get it, even if I have to go to the tropics vicariously.


Anonymous said...

Nice pictures. I saw my first great blue heron of the season in Wingra Creek today, plus a little bit of green across the creek from the bike path.

kelly said...

Thank you for the green fix :-)