Monday, March 09, 2009

Springing forward back to winter in Owen Park

Snow Falling in Owen Conservation Park Later in the Day
We switched to Daylight Saving Time yesterday, and the "Wrong Way" sign in Owen Park pretty much summed it up. Instead of springing forward, the way the saying goes, we seemed to be heading back to winter, with the weather unspooling backwards over the whole weekend -- first Saturday's fog, then rain all day Sunday, followed by snow later in the day. Normally the angle of the sun and other visual cues during the day let you know something has changed on the day we return to DST. But on Sunday, we existed in a sort of timeless, cloudy murk all day. There was no clue till the end of the day, when the sun simply didn't go down when it was supposed to. Be nice to actually see it one of these days.

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cathy said...

When I stepped out onto the deck last night it was like a postcard winter scene, with the moon rising over fresh snow.