Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tiptoeing through the tulips after Madison's brief spring snowstorm this weekend

Tiptoe Through the Tulips
He loves plants and sunlight. Snow, not so much. Not his thing. He was really depressed about the snow when it started yesterday afternoon. Who stole spring? Slept a lot with his paws curled up around his face. Perked up this morning, when he saw the sun was back. Came out today to check things out. Walked about gingerly, on tiptoe. Not wild about what he found.

White Blanket The snow started yesterday afternoon. It was just flurries at first, and then the pace picked up. It really looked like winter out there again. When we went to bed, the tulips were totally covered except for the very tips. By the time I took the photo this morning some had already blown away or melted.

Pretty Much Back Where We StartedAnd now, less than 24 hours after the snow started, things are almost back to normal. Up the block, there's still a five-foot snowman. But in flat areas open to the sun, the snow is all gone. Amazing what a little spring sun can do. This was taken less than three hours after the cat photo. He's a lot happier now.

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