Tuesday, March 17, 2009

When the space station flies over Madison, you photograph it with the camera you've got

When the Space Station Flies Over Madison, You Photograph It with the Camera You've Got
Sorry about the blurry photo of the International Space Station. It was a handheld 1-second exposure with my point at shoot Coolpix, still set at ISO 100 -- which worked fine at West Towne, but this was a stretch.

I was picking up a pizza at Oliva's on the west side when I looked up past the parking lot lights and saw a bright point of light that seemed to be an airplane with landing lights on moving roughly from southwest to northeast, toward the airport, but since it maintained its altitude and the light didn't dim as it swept serenely across the sky, I figured it must be a satellite. Probably the space station, judging from its brightness. Took the Coolpix out of my jacket and took this photo. It was a beautiful moment, and I wanted to preserve the memory, regardless how inadequate the image. (Sorry about the double image -- that was my hand motion. But does register the apparent brightness pretty well.)

I superimposed NASA's data for the Madison flyover, which lasted five minutes and started at 7:46 PM. The picture was taken at 7:49:48 (the exif data reads 6:49:48, but that's because I never bother to set it ahead for Daylight Time).


Rich said...

Remember that 3 stoogers episode where they thought that had photographed a flying saucer and it turned out to be a plate - and Moe broke it over Curley's head?

Bo said...

Cool shot of the space station. I am curious though--how was the pizza from Oliva's?