Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring flooding along the Rock River

Road to Blackhawk Island
This is Blackhawk Island Road the other day, at the point where it cuts under Highway 26 to reach the homes along the Rock River. This was the scene a couple days ago. It helped to have a truck. There's usually some flooding here this time of year as the river's level crests with the snow melt, and Blackhawk Island residents have learned to live with it.

So far, the flooding in southern Wisconsin is nothing like it was last year, when flood levels set modern records and there was a lot of damage. But that was later in the year, in late May and early June, mostly the result of torrential rains rather than melting snow. Meanwhile, the ground is saturated, and people are keeping an eye on the weather. The upcoming weekend is expected to be a wet one, possibly including quite a bit of snow.

For more photos, see my Rock River Flooding set on Flickr.

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