Monday, April 20, 2009

Update on the Everything But Tulips Time Lapse Tulip Sequence that I started about a month ago

Tulip Bud
Originally, the idea was just to track the progress of the tulips. Back when I started a month ago, I thought they would bloom about now, but they appear to be late-bloomers. Or maybe I'm just impatient. They are, however, now starting to form buds (see above).

This Daffodil Will Bloom TomorrowThe rest of the flowers in the flower bed have not been as shy. The daffodils (like the one on the right, just before it bloomed) and crocuses have already opened, and now the hyacinths are starting to blossom. There have also been occasional visits by Mr. Cat. That's why I started to refer to the series the Everything But Tulips Time Lapse Tulip Sequence. You can see the entire set here. And the actual tulips should be along soon.


Dr Bud Diablo, Late Bloomer said...

Frankly, I preferred last year's time lapse sequence of Harvey's Bristol Cream evaporating from a shot glass. While the photos were admittedly not very dramatic, one did not have to wait weeks for the next "shot."

You've given the tulips a big drumroll, so don't try to placate us with daffodils.

Madison Guy said...

Good things come to those who wait.

Dr "Flower Bud" Diablo said...


"O floral chalice of the morn,
Fill thou with April dew.
Spread forth thy wings* and be thou born,
Remake our world anew!"
--Dr Diablo

* The poet here refers mataphorically to the petals as 'wings'

MadGuy, this flower sequence is dragging, and competing floral sequences are all over the net. I think some Wordsworthian celebrations of your garden might keep readers checking in.

Madison Guy said...

Dr. Diablo, I know -- it's like watching paint dry. But I'm not going to stop until I see some tulips in there. Thanks for the pome.

Br Bud Diablo, Dim Bulb said...


"O tulip, dost thou think thou art a tuber,
A turnip, sweet potato, or a goober?
Cease to slumber silent 'neath the soil.
Burst forth to compensate the tiller's toil!"

--Bud Diablo